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15 Tried and Tested Ways to Make Money Online (additional wage)

Tried and Tested Ways to Make Money Online

Here you will find various simple ways to build a serious income on the Internet. Whether you need it as a supplementary or as a financially necessary “Nebenjob”, you will find here the most diverse possibilities. I have applied or tested all of the following methods or programs myself. Read the test and experience reports and decide which method (s) is right for you. Failed projects are also available. If you are starting aid for your start into the secondary income, begin here with the first steps and the bases for an independence on the Internet.
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Do you want to build up your own (small) online business and earn extra money on the Internet – as I do? ???? Then I urge you to have a look at the blog project 2017. I’m there too! There you will be shown how you can build up with about 100 € starting capital and approx. 12h work/week a blog, which after 12 months generates approximately 500 € income per month.

01- My experiences with ClixSense

For me, ClixSense is the ideal entry to earn serious money on the Internet, because you can earn both active and passive money. In addition, the registration and use are free of charge. ClixSense exists in 2007, I have been there since 2011 (!). Since it was my first internet project, I have a whole special (emotional) attachment to this platform. I publish every month my passive ClixSense merit.

Start working with ClixSense

02- Serious Make Money with Online Games

One can actually make a profit with online games. I’ve been using this method for a long time. The principle is simple. You play against other players for real money. The selection of the games is gigantic, many well-known card games are as well as diverse luck games or skill games. Of course, you can practice with money, you should! The method is a recommendation for all disciplined people who always keep control of their actions. I am a big fan of this opportunity. You can find further tips in the linked article:

Here is to the portals, which I also use!

03- Make money with surveys

Are you looking for a very simple way to earn money on the internet? Then this possibility might interest you. There are a variety of reputable and free sellers. The individual remuneration per survey is i.d.R. Low, but a regular use of several providers also creates a decent ancillary income.

➡ go to the free vendors

???? This was my entry into the topic of making money on the Internet. During my student days, I earned a good pocket money

04- Make Money with WooWee

At WooWee, you can register for free and earn a little money with small internet tasks (e.g., web page research), ideal for a small supplementary service. The interesting thing about WooWee is that you can earn more with increasing activity and that these small tasks can be done wonderfully by the way (on the train, in the waiting room, watching the TV).

More information about WowWee is available here

05- Make money with your own price comparison page

Do you buy a lot on the internet and do you reluctantly pay too much money? If so, use your own price comparison page. You can use it in a free version, buy it yourself and earn commissions on your own purchases (and save money). If you do this in the family or friends circle, then can get a decent penny of commissions. In addition, there is also the possibility to purchase licenses (I did that), then you even get your own domain and can promote its side right and make a serious online business. There is something for the beginner as well as for the marketing professional. Thus a good side-income is possible – with a lot of employment and marketing know-how is also the main income possible. The latter I strive for. You can find out more in the following experience report and follow my steps to make money with your own price comparison page.

This is my own price comparison page Click here for the report

06- Make money with a free Messenger app

Imagine you earn money by chatting! That goes with the free WowApp. Which works in principle like Skype or WhatApp, but is advertising-financed. Thus, small advertising banners are displayed in the app. Up to 70% of the generated advertising revenues are distributed to the users. So you get money to use the app.

Here directly to the experience report

07- Make money with Clickworker is an established platform for internet work with a task spectrum from the micro job to the editorial text work, and thus represents the classic secondary activity on the Internet. You can read my impressions and experiences with Clickworker in this article. In any case, a popular way to earn money on the internet. As a “firm” Nebenjob or as main income, I recommend Clickworker but not.

Here is the Clickworker experience report

08- Making money while surfing (on the Internet)

Yes, read correctly, you can earn rewards in the surfing on the Internet. To do this, you do not even have to surf on certain pages, but simply use your computer or the Internet as usual. A software collects your activity on the Internet and passes it on to the market research institute. Your data will not be passed on to third parties or sold but will be analyzed anonymously.

???? So you can earn points with surfing the Internet

Then you can download the capture software. The program will not affect the performance of your PC. Now you deserve simply, by your usual use of your PC (on the Internet) points. You can exchange them for bonuses.

You can easily register for free *

09- Make money with texts

This is, of course, the classic of the (secondary) earning possibilities on the Internet – working as a copywriter * in. In general, it is recommended in my opinion, the degree between digital-chord work and a freelance existence is narrow.

My recommendations are and textbroker – here I myself was timed as an author. Many of my blogging colleagues deserve a little more. Especially for the start in the supplementary service and to bridge (financial) bottlenecks, working as a copywriter is absolutely recommended. In any case, a serious method of making money on the Internet.

10- Make money with a blog

Yes with blogging you can earn very serious money. It is a lot of work, however, it is not a hard job and one is very flexible in its time division. If you also want to start your own blog, then I can recommend an e-book, which is also the basis of success for my (this) blog. I can only advise you. Start your own blog!

Click here for the best e-book about blogging

11- Make Money with ReCommerce

You can easily and quickly earn money with old or not used products money on the Internet. Various sales platforms offer you numerous opportunities and some good returns for things that are often only around the house. With which providers I have good experiences have you in the test reports.

Here is the experience report with reBuy

12- Earn money and save money with cashback vendors

A simple but quite interesting way to build up a small ancillary income on the Internet is the use of cashback vendors. “Cashback” means “money back”. If you buy a product online in the future, you can get back a certain part of the purchase price. Why should you miss it? In addition, there are also other possibilities for serious side-selling on the Internet. The registration and use at one of the providers are, of course, free of charge.

Here you can go to the Cahbackanbietern

13- Making money with market research

You can earn money by participating in market research, which is quite simple. How does it work? Mark research institutes are interested in the opinions and buying behavior of consumers in order to underpin the development of new products with market opinions or to improve existing products and services. You can benefit from this information as a user. For your trouble, you earn points, which you can exchange in attractive bonuses.

How this works exactly, what you need for it and which providers I can recommend you, you can find here.

14- Make money with tuition

Not only as a student * in or student * in you can earn as a tutor * in money. The job intuition is not something for everyone but has a lot of advantages. In addition to the relatively flexible working hours, this is above all the above-average high merit. I can say from my own experience that you can earn a lot of money with tuition (20-25 € / hour) – especially if you are professional. This is really easier than it sounds.

Your perfect start to making money with tuition *

15- The ideal accessory for all pet lovers

You love animals and maybe you have some. Then I show you how you can earn an income on the Internet with your passion or your hobby. Offer yourself as an animal sitter on the Internet and look after the proteges of other animal friends.

Click here for the presentation of the offerer

Further inspiration for your side-income on the Internet

Finally, I would like to recommend to you the current Top 3 Amazon bestseller on the topic “Make Money on the Internet”:


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