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SCS Carpets an Overview from UK Clients Prospectus

SCS Carpets an Overview from UK Clients Prospectus

Persian or oriental carpets have taken a special place in our hearts for long. We can’t even imagine a house without a complementing carpet. The runners in hallways to welcome your guests the rug in your living room for the comfort of your feet the classy fuzzy soft one for your bedroom. Carpets have taken more space in your home that you alone wouldn’t have taken. Jokes apart! Carpets are playing an essential role in our lives when it comes to decorating our homes. Even though you are a person that has a special thing for hard Vinyl floor or laminate you would risk yourself not buying a carpet to make your house blossom.

Around the Globe

People from around the world have a special taste when it comes to decorating your homes. Carpets are one of the decorative items that not only enhanced the beauty of their home but also provides a sense of security for all not just kids. Out of recognition, SCS became the part of this enormous industry and is serving this nation since the day it stepped into the market. Because of their politeness and loving behavior they have become people’s choice. Not to forget there are many other retailers out there who are providing various packages just to fit in and they don’t wear out in time.

Stores and Type of Carpets

Sofa carpet specialist SCS is one of the leading brands across Europe with almost 100 stores nationwide and not to mention but 9 stars by Trustpilot. As our name suggests we are a specialist when it comes to carpets and furniture. SCS has a wide range of carpets ranging from hand woven, flat surfaced, closely knotted etc. Standing firm in this evergreen industry and making quite a name is difficult but not impossible to achieve.

They say we have a variety to offer under just one roof. Carpets, floorings and some light furniture to set your mood are what SCS has to present it to you. They have such a strict policy that you will find the same price nationwide. There is not a single chance of error. They seem to be very dedicated to their clients. They say they call prior to delivering your articles and make sure every single thing is done by the representatives without any additional costs on your heads.

The next thing the representatives do is to unpack and assemble everything you’ve purchased from them. Because of their belief value, customers more than anything and all of them should remain stress-free so that everything remains first class. Customer satisfaction is mandatory as many websites listed on UK price comparison websites are only eligible based on their customers’ reviews and feedbacks.

Main Reason

Amongst all other reasons to be a part of SCS there is this one reason as well, Product protection. Accidents are a part of our lives and he happens every second day if you have pets and kids at your home. This has turned tables for all other competitors who aren’t following this technique of keeping your customers engaged. One definitely know that if anything happens to SCS products they are insured with their product protection.

Fiber Nylon Carpets

SCS deals in synthetic fibers Nylon 6, 6, Nylon 6 and Polyester. To make sure that the carpets are durable stain and dust free around the clock.

SCS Carpets an Overview from UK Clients Prospectus

 They have an overall different collection for every single place you decided to cover. Keeping in mind the expense of having an interior designer they have covered it with a highly trained professional who has his abilities to guide you all the way to the end of the purchase. They are so humble and polite and totally understand the stress carpets give and are always ready to set your mood.

Like many others, they also have people that visit your house along with samples and fitting materials. They not only measure your area but also teach you different techniques to measure and clean your carpets/ often they provide small samples as complimentary gifts when visiting your home. This is such a sweet gesture by the workforces of SCS that they take a piece of us along with them. They strongly believe in after sake services and their every time unique methodology takes all the stress out of one person.

What Pocket allows you?

Easy on your pockets they have an easy plan to fulfill all your paying desires. Don’t wish to pay on cash there is this easy way out every time with SCS. Even the customer reviews are so strong. One of them mentioned that the stuff was so nice they showed us every single variety that could fit in our small apartment. One said they have a brilliant service they are always on time and their delivery time is the way to less than they mention on the bill And guess what if you get trapped somewhere they have given their number in their website to call them and ask anything whether it be cleaning color combinations fitting issues etc.


Overall, SCS is a complete package for all those looking to pamper themselves in a luxury experience of buying furniture and carpets. They have a unique set of design for every room and the best part of them is they have different colors and designs than their competitors. They have a challenge for all those people having cheaper rates than them for few articles. Moreover, they have a guarantee of almost 20 years for the furniture and almost 5 years of carpet. Which we think is more than enough to a common person. The most enchanting part is their delivery of items and assembly.

Customer Satisfaction

They are very precise in their work and give their fullest for your satisfaction. The team that visits your home with complimentary gifts when they come to check and measure the area or when they visits to provide your carpets a heavy wash so that they are clean as new. All of this complimented by buyers protection. I mean what else does one needs from a retailer they have almost everything one might think of when buying a carpet. Even if you don’t wish to buy just pay us a visit or check our website for further details.